About Us

Medomix Concept Ltd was established to provide the missing link in diagnosis methods and provision of Rapid Testing Kit in various health fields. These challenges affect millions of people in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our aim is to provide leadership in diagnosis solutions and provide the corresponding interventions and management to these challenges that affect a large portion of the human race.

Sickle Scan

The Sickle SCAN test is a lateral flow chromatographic qualitative immunoassay to aid in the rapid diagnosis of sickle cell disorders of hemoglobins A, S, and C

Hemo Scan

A highly accessible handheld optical system for accurate quantitative determination of hemoglobin at the point of care in anti-coagulated venous or fingerstick capillary whole blood.

Hemo Scan S

The Hemo SCAN-S Test is a lateral flow chromatographic quantitative immunoassay to aid in the monitoring and guidance of blood transfusion therapy in Sickle Cell Disease patients.